High pressure pump

High pressure pumps

Repair of pumps, heads, pressure valves, replacement parts for high-pressure pumps by

Exchange agregate Typ URACA:
- 613G URACA
- 615G URACA
- 713G URACA
- 716G URACA

Pressure valves for change:
- MSSV 24/250 URACA
- MSSV 32/150 URACA
- MSUV 29/300 URACA

Części zamienne można znaleść w rubryce części zamiennych

obraz nr 0
obraz nr 3obraz nr 3 The high pressure pump is used to generate the required capacity and pressure of the rinse water.
Usually three-piston pumps, also known as triplex pumps, are used in sewer cleaning vehicles. As a rule, deep-well submersible pumps with cylinders lying next to each other and with a common crankshaft are used. Three cylinders are usually mounted, hence the name three-pipe or triplex pump.
By turning the crankshaft, the piston (also the plunger) is moved in the cylinder by a connecting rod in both directions. While the crank is turning, the plunger draws water into the cylinder space through the suction valve and then pushes it out again through the pressure valve. There is one working stroke per revolution of the crank, during which one partial volume is pumped. Each cylinder of the same size works individually. obraz nr 2 - mini
obraz nr 4 To avoid pulsing pulses, the connecting rods of three plungers are placed on the crankshaft every 120 ˚.
Thus, the pump capacity results from the sum of partial capacities per unit of time and thus is theoretically independent of the discharge pressure. It depends only on the number and diameter of the plungers, as well as the crankshaft revolutions per unit of time (number of strokes). The relationship between pump performance and speed is therefore linear.




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