Suction vehicles elephant vacu

The elephant multi series are cars with a suction and flushing installation that meet the highest technical standards. They are distinguished by high work efficiency, maximum durability and reliability. It is hardly surprising. After all, they are the result of over 25 years of FFG experience. The range includes vehicles from 3.5 t to 40 t. Thanks to the use of proven, standard components, the vehicles in this series are particularly economical and affordable. Thanks to the flexible possibilities of technical equipment, we are able to offer solutions for special applications. /

Elephant vacu

Samochody z instalacją ssącą elephant vacu

Removal of sewage sludge, septic tanks export,
removal of oils and greases from separators

We offer a variety of different bodies for receiving and transporting liquid waste. Fast and effective
cleaning street inlets, professional removal of grease and oil from settling tanks or transport
sewage sludge and liquid waste - we have the right solution for everything.
























Repairs and renovations have always been an important part of our business. The service life, functionality and safety of vehicles is closely related to the quality of services rendered. W Pojazdach Komunalnych Tymborowscy Sp. z o.o. in Kielce, you will receive services: on time, reliable, professional and most importantly low cost.

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