HD-rinsing installations little elephant

FFG Elephant Little

Wysokociśnieniowe urządzenia płuczące little elephant

little elephant aqua 1500 z systemem zbiorników DUO®

A characteristic feature of this version of vehicles is the location of stainless steel water tanks from the side at the wheel arches. Thanks to such a system, excellent driving properties were obtained and large amount of space.

Advantages of this unique concept:

    • Excellent driving characteristics
      Due to the lower center of gravity and the location of both tanks in the side of the vehicle
      optimal driving properties are achieved , thus minimizing the risk of accident
    • Extremely large amount of space
      A large amount of space in the vehicle allows a comfortable storage of equipment and equipment.
      Thanks to the shape of the tank & oacute ; in the DUO, a large space was created for the walls of the vehicle & nbsp; for passageways and additional space for storing equipment. Further storage storage space is located at the front of the vehicle.

























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