sale and lease

used cars

We specialize in the sale and service of all types of municipal vehicles. The vehicles leaving our factory are after general renovation and fully prepared for work. Each vehicle sold is covered by a warranty.

Our sales / rental offer includes vehicles:
- for cleaning the sewage system,
- manure spreaders,
- for the transport of dangerous substances ADR,
- with recycling

We also provide:
- maintenance services (current inspections and major repairs),
- consultancy on the use of specialized equipment.

Suction car, Sewage suction device

Suction car with rinsing device

Suction and rinsing car

Suction rinsing car, Water treatment

Suction trailer

High pressure units



Repairs and renovations have always been an important part of our business. The service life, functionality and safety of vehicles is closely related to the quality of services rendered. W Pojazdach Komunalnych Tymborowscy Sp. z o.o. in Kielce, you will receive services: on time, reliable, professional and most importantly low cost.

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